Fantasy turn based, strategy war game.

Build armies, search ruins, conquer enemies, and hear the lamentations of their women!

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Jun. 3, 2022

New version released!  0.9.5 is available for download

This is a RELEASE CANDIDIATE! We're implementing final tweaks as we prepare to for a full release!

May 25, 2022

New version released!  0.9.4 is available for download

Mid-week update! The MapMaker has been released- create your own scenario maps to play on and share with friends!

May 20, 2022

New version released!  0.9.3 is available for download

Unlock the original artwork! You can now unlock the original (non-pixelated portrait artwork) by successfully winning the Telestia scenario.

May 13, 2022

New version released!  0.9.2 is available for download

New Telestia scenario map added! This new scenario map pits you against all nine factions of Telestia. It will be a challenge to come out victorious! Do you have what it takes?

May 6, 2022

New version released!  0.9.1 is available for download

Major game balance updates- unit strengths and upkeep costs. New reports menu. New artwork, more bug fixes and improvements!

Apr. 29, 2022

New version released!  0.9.0 is available for download

Heroes can ride flying units! Knights get a bonus when attacking castles, and more UI improvements!

Apr. 22, 2022

New version released!  0.8.9-BETA is available for download

Lots of in-game improvements! Select multiple units in your Keep with shift-click. Play the new tutorial map to better understand game concepts. More bug fixes, better UI indicators, more Hotkeys implemented (move units with the numeric keypad), plus more, more more!

Apr. 8, 2022

New version released!  0.8.8-BETA is available for download

Gameplay improvements- including viewing where the enemy is before attacking you. Lots of UI updates for a more consistent game play experience. More monster portrait art added. Lots more bug fixes- thank you to those who have been sharing them! It helps a lot.

Apr. 1, 2022

New version released!  0.8.7-BETA is available for download

More updated artwork, added new hotkeys, QoL improvements, as well as various bug fixes. There are a couple fringe cases where the game can hang/freeze. Luckily, there is an Autosave file that you can load- just close the game and reload the Autosave!

Mar. 25, 2022

New version released!  0.8.6-BETA is available for download

More updated artwork, added new hotkeys, QoL improvements, as well as various bug fixes. This is the start of weekly updates until the game leaves Early Access and goes live!

Mar. 4, 2022

New version released!  0.8.4-BETA is available for download

Tons of sprite design updates, AI bug fixes, and more artwork throughout. Numerous bug fixes. We've also released Steam keys for BETA users.

Feb. 22, 2022

The wait list for a FREE beta copy of Telestians is now closed. Thank you for those who signed-up, you will receive an email with your free Steam key soon.

Dec. 17, 2021

New version released!  0.8.3-BETA is available for download

Just in time for the Holidays! We've added color selection for the factions. You can play under the default green flag for Elves, or maybe play as the rebel outlaw elves with a red banner flag. We've also increased the difficulty of AI players, and made minimap improvements. Please use your previous itch.io code to access. Enjoy!

Nov. 24, 2021

New version released!  0.8.2-BETA is available for download

Lots of new artwork added. Additionally we've optimized camera tracking, and have filled out the Tome of Telestia (Help Section). Please use your previous itch.io code to access. Enjoy!

Nov. 11, 2021

We've released a private BETA-0.8.1 download!

There have been MAJOR updates in this release. Tons of bug fixes, and a major overhaul to the UI. Please use your previous itch.io code to access. Enjoy!

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